Talpa Calcium Boost - 1l

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Talpa Calcium Boost

Distilled water, reverse osmosis water, and tap water often do not contain much dissolved calcium. Both our Fertilizers (Talpa Grow and Talpa Bloom) do contain all the required nutrients except calcium.

Calcium is an important nutrient which helps provide structure to the cannabis plant and helps it withstand stress like from heat. It moves relatively slow within the plant so we recommend to always add a little calcium to your irrigation.

Besides calcium this product contains as well “lignosulphonic acid”. This helps Regulate pH of soil and increase soil fertility. As well it promotes the development of chlorophyll, sugars and amino acids in plants and aid in photosynthesis.

The dosage really depends on the water used. We recommend while using osmoses water to add 20ml to 10l of Water. If you are using tab water containing quite some lime you can lower the dosage to 15ml to 10l of Water.

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